Diabetes Recovery Program

Diabetes type 2 is a lifestyle disease that can be prevented and reversed

Control / Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes Recovery Program at TheLifeCo is designed to help manage and reverse diabetes type 2 through fixing the root causes of them, as well as restore health and balance to those who are already suffering from the condition.

During the Program, you will be able to transition into a healthier diet, receive the support your body needs through our therapies and IV applications. Moreover, you will have a clear understanding of how to control and manage your condition.

‘‘It is possible to control diabetes with the right meal plan and a 2 – 3 week detox program.”
Thomas Lodi, MD, Integrative Oncologist

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the blood (glucose) sugar level is higher than the average level. Blood glucose is the primary source of energy for the body. To get glucose from the food we eat, we need sugar reducing hormone, a hormone made in the pancreas. Sometimes our bodies cannot produce enough sugar reducing hormone or use this hormone well. Because of that, glucose stays in the blood and cannot reach the cells. Having too much glucose in the blood can lead to health problems including Diabetes.


Symptoms That Can Lead You to Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes depend on how much blood sugar your body produces. Some people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or prediabetes may not even show any signs. Whereas in Type 1 Diabetes, those symptoms may appear more quickly and be more serious. Some of the clues that can lead you to Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes are:

Types of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes usually occurs early in life and is associated with a complete inability to produce sugar-reducing hormones. This condition cannot be reversed unless the person were to come within the first several months of diagnosis. Our Diabetes Recovery program aims lowering sugar reducing hormone requirements for Type-1 and restoring vitality. It will help you to be less dependent on medication, balance your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and provide excellent results in weight loss.

Unhealthy eating habits and obesity can cause a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. On Type 2 Diabetes, the pancreas can produce sugar reducing hormone, but the cells are resistant to it. Through a balanced diet, mainly consisting of plant-based high alkaline raw food, your cells can increase their ability to receive this hormone and your body can deal with the causes of Type 2 Diabetes. You can gradually slow down and even reverse diabetes effects through our Diabetes Recovery Program, 

Gestational Diabetes is a type of diabetes that consists of high blood glucose during pregnancy, which may cause complications to both mother and child. It usually disappears after pregnancy but women are affected any way. More importantly, their children are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.

We can even add pre-diabetes as the 4th type of Diabetes. Because it affects a high percentage of people in society and can be seen as a warning sign that leads to Type 2 Diabetes. Blood sugar levels that are higher than average but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes may be signs of that you have prediabetes. You may have some of the symptoms of diabetes or even some of the complications. Therefore, you must follow a treatment plan with a diet and exercise routine before it turns into Type 2 Diabetes. Even small changes can have a significant impact on managing the disease or preventing.

Complete Recovery from Type 2 Diabetes is Possible!

Around 90-95% of people with diabetes have type 2. Starting as a lifestyle condition, type 2 diabetes may turn into a chronic disease, followed by an increased risk in heart attack, stroke, circulation problems, blindness, and kidney failure. Good news is that by balancing blood sugar levels, you can be control, slow down, and even partly reverse type 2 diabetes. Our guests with type 2 diabetes have consistently managed to reverse this condition after Diabetes Recovery Program at TheLifeCo.

Diabetes Treatment at The LifeCo

We have 4 main pillars to reverse diabetes at The LifeCo:
Detoxifying the body from accumulated toxins with a cleanse or fast is an important step to deal with the causes of Type 2 Diabetes. With a 1-week liquid detox program at TheLifeCo, like Master Cleanse, Green Juice or Water Fasting program and regular exercises, you can regulate your sugar reducing hormone levels and glucose dynamics. Additionally, you won’t have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) anymore.
Reducing your carbohydrate intake with a balanced diet, mainly consisting of raw food will not only make you well-nourished but will also gradually reverse diabetic effects. After a liquid detox at TheLifeCo, your blood sugar will come down to an average level. Then you will make a transition to a balanced diet with nutrient-dense foods. Having long gaps between your first and last meals, like 18 hours, is very important. Because during the gap, your sugar reducing hormone levels lower and you get healthier.

The natural therapies applied at The LifeCo aim to enhance the diabetes recovery process by providing the necessary nutrition that the body requires and eliminate toxins from the body. IV treatments applied by our medical team has revitalizing effects on the body. Enemas and colon hydrotherapy help elimination of accumulated toxins through the colon. You can implement various therapies during your program after the initial consultation with your program coordinator and our doctors.

A diabetes recovery journey is also supposed to be a healing journey. The leading causes of Type 2 Diabetes are bad eating habits and lack of motivation. You may have the right intention and mindset. But if you are surrounded by toxic stimulants, your healing journey becomes tough. The LifeCo Centers are located in peaceful environments designed to enhance the healing process. Keep in mind that you will be surrounded by like-minded people, enjoying their own journeys and also an experienced staff and medical team. When you feel demotivated, we will be there to keep you on track.

‘Diabetes Recovery Program at The LifeCo was successful for me. So why not following this treatment in the future!’

Daniel, RTP Tennis Coach, France

What is Included in Diabetes Recovery Program?

  • Accommodation
  • Detox / Nutrition Program
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling
  • Nutrition and Diet Workshops
  • SPA, Fitness, Swimming Pool
  • Biophoton Therapy
  • Turbosonic Vibration Therapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Daily Steam Room Use
  • Daily Oxygen Therapy
  • Daily Colon Cleansing

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The LifeCo Diabetes Recovery Packages

The LifeCo standard programs provide the essentials for cleansing and nourishing your body. The add-on packages provide a set of additional therapies to enhance your experience and boost the expected results.

These packages are not included in the standard programs. Based on your duration of stay you may purchase a package separately.

7-Day Package in Phuket

Accommodation is NOT Included
  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Immune Cocktail Vitamin C x 2
  • Electro Lymphatic Therapy x 2
  • Sonic Infrared Sauna x 4
  • Sonic Table Therapy x 4
  • Enema (Any type) x 1
  • BEMER x 10
  • Rectal Ozone Therapy x 1
  • Colon Hydrotherapy x 1

7-Day Package in Bodrum

Accommodation is NOT Included
  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Live Blood Analysis x 2
  • I.V. Protocol x 2
  • Ozone Sauna x 2
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy x 1
  • Lymph Drainage x 2
  • Sodium Inhaler x 4
  • Turkish Bath Scrub x 1
  • Massage x 3
  • Fitness x 3
  • Venus Body (leg + abd) x 2

7-Day Package in Antalya

Accommodation is NOT Included
  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Live Blood Analysis x 1
  • I.V. Protocol x 1
  • Ozone Sauna x 2
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy x 3
  • Robolex x 3
  • Sodium Inhaler x 4
  • Turkish Bath Scrub x 1
  • Massage x 1

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Why You Should Choose Diabetes Recovery Program at TheLifeCo

With many success stories in the past years, our diabetes recovery program helped individuals to balance their sugar levels, control their blood pressure. They have gained the consciousness of how to maintain a lifestyle that will lead them to a healthier state.

This program places a strong emphasis on education and training of the guests through private consultations, lectures, workshops, and additional printed material to support their post-treatment life. That means you will leave TheLifeCo with a comprehensive experience that will help you manage your condition and maintain optimum wellbeing.

Additional Therapies You Can Purchase During The Program

If you want to enhance the results, the additional therapies below are highly recommended to add to your Diabetes Recovery Therapy Packages.

It is essential that the immune system works properly in order for us to stay alive and to be healthy. Our body is fighting every day against germs, microorganisms, viruses, toxins and different foreign substances. Although we do not feel it our immune system is continuously working. Poor nutritional diets, lack of sleep, lack of exercises, stress, smoke, alcohol, etc. decreases the immune system functions. When this system slows down diseases start to show up. This protocol is composed of high minerals and vitamins that will help the immune system work properly, boost it up, prevent different diseases and provides a long lasting body resistance.

Biophoton Therapy has positive results in reversing disturbances in the body that cause weight gain. During this therapy signals reach the brain where they harmonize the production of various hormones. This therapy help increasing the production of happiness hormones like endorphins and serotonin.

Daily colon cleansing provides an effective way to clean your colon which helps significant weight loss by removing toxic waste. Through the Angel of Water, it is possible to cleanse the entire length of the colon during a professionally administered session. Regular colon cleansing has various benefits, especially during the master detox program. Psyllium husk powder and bentonite clay in the shakes accelerates toxic release and Angel of Water (Colon Cleansing) becomes necessary to release these toxins.

The Program will Help You Achieve

  • Decreased dependency on medication.
  • Balanced blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  • Better cholesterol levels.
  • Long lasting results in weight loss.
  • Relief from hand/feet numbness.
  • Better circulation.
  • A healthier colon.
  • Improved circulation, immune system and digestive system

Meal Plans You Can Try at TheLifeCo Centers

Each meal plan serves a different purpose. You will be assisted by our doctors and program coordinators to pick the best option for you.

The most effective and quickest solution for cleansing and weight-loss. Best Detox Programme of 2018 at World Spa Awards

An instant alkalization boost for your system. Ideal for nourishing the body with nutrients and enhancing the immune system

For anybody who wants to allow their digestive system to rest, cells to renew and get rid of toxins. You eat for 6 hours and rest for 18

A transitional program and a kick-start to healthy eating. Ideal as preparation for master detox and transition afterwards.

A nutrition plan which the body gets all its energy from plant and protein-based fats. It is also used as an effective therapeutic diet

For those who want to leave their daily dietary routine and lose weight in a healthy, long-lasting way. Raw can be delicious as well!

Standard Program Prices at The LifeCo

Bodrum280 €460 €
Antalya237 €397 €
Phuket8600 THB15000 THB

There are 6 Options in the Standard Program: Master Cleanse, Green Juice Detox, Green Salad Detox, Anti-Aging Program, Low-calorie Program, Ketogenic Program. Your program will be prepared once you are at the center based on your requirements and needs.

Prices are daily rates in standard rooms including standard program. They will differ according to your room and number of people selection.

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Programs at The LifeCo

The LifeCo standard programs provide the essentials for cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenating your body.
This program provides highly sustainable and long-lasting results in weight loss.
Diabetes recovery program is designed to help manage and reverse diabetes naturally.

Ultimate Detox consists of a detox or healthy nutrition plan & natural therapies that accelerate the detoxification process.

An effective program to provide rejuvenation and detoxification on your liver.

An active program for those who wants to get fit fast by losing weight and cleanse the body from toxins.

Anti Aging Program at The LifeCo

Anti-Aging Program

Anti-Aging Program consists of a detox plan along with natural therapies to help to slow down the aging effects.
Water fasting, also known as a water cleanse, is a type of fasting in which you consume only water for a set period of time.

FAQ about Diabetes and Diabetes Recovery Program

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough sugar reducing hormones or when the body cannot effectively use the sugar reducing hormone it produces. Type 1 Diabetes is often diagnosed in childhood, which is not associated with excess body weight and cannot be controlled without taking sugar reducing hormone.

Unlike type 1, type 2 Diabetes is usually diagnosed in over 30-year-olds, often associated with excess body weight and with high blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels at diagnosis and it might be possible to come off diabetes medication with the right type of lifestyle.

Today, the number of people with diabetes is around 400 million in the world and it is increasing every single day. 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 are living with diabetes. Among the diabetes cases in adults, 90-95% are diagnosed as Type 2.

In the past several years type 2 diabetes has increased to an epidemic and even pandemic proportions and is now one of the greatest threats to health worldwide. Furthermore, we are finding adolescents and children developing this condition, not just older adults. It is essential to understand that type 2 diabetes is simply the body’s modifications at a cellular and physiological level to accommodate a poor lifestyle and diet.

It doesn’t happen suddenly, “It picks up gradually.” Most people are unaware that they have diabetes in its early or even middle phases. Treating diabetes early can help prevent serious complications.

You might be a candidate already! Does the following sound familiar?

  • You need to take more bathroom breaks
  • You have lost a little weight
  • You are getting thirstier than usual dry mouth and itchy skin
  • You feel shaky and hungry
  • You feel tired all the time
  • Your cuts and scrapes heal more slowly

Over time, high blood glucose leads to problems such as;

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Nerve damage
  • Stroke
  • Eye problems
  • Foot problems
  • Dental problems

The duration depends upon the person’s willingness, 7 days is good for balancing hormones and blood sugar values. However, at least 14 days is needed for a deeper impact and 21 days would offer a life-changing benefit.

Professional support is very important for The LifeCo philosophy. At all of our centers, we have doctors, nurses and certified medical staff in addition to nutritionists and detox consultants. Our programs are tailor made for our guest’s requirements. You will be monitored throughout your program to get the maximum benefit from any of our programs.

You will have a doctor on site during the day to answer your questions. You can meet with a lot of other professionals in the fields of physical fitness, breathing therapy, healthy cooking, yoga, and meditation.

We have 2 centers in Europe, namely The LifeCo Bodrum and The LifeCo Antalya and 1 center in Thailand, The LifeCo Phuket. We suggest you take into consideration the travel time required as all of our centers offer the same service at the highest quality. There are direct flight options available from a lot of major cities in Europe and Asia as well as MENA region.

You can apply to any of the centers and our representatives will inform you about other center possibilities as well.

Our Centers

You may enjoy Diabetes Recovery at any of our centers. Your can decide your meal plan and all additional therapies individually with your program coordinator, depending on your personal focus.

The LifeCo Bodrum is a unique destination for healing and detoxification in Europe. We are here to guide you of the way to your healing. Our programs aim to revitalize and connect your body, mind and emotions, re-energise and balance you fully with activities such as yoga, meditation and daily walks. A wonderful combination of detox experience and relaxing retreat is waiting for you at Bodrum’s soothing environment. Join us for a special experience at The LifeCo Bodrum.

We invite you to a health journey at one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, Phuket. As The LifeCo Phuket, we are pleased to offer you one person rates for double occupancy to make you enjoy our healthy lifestyle programs and therapy packages, together with your loved ones at our Phuket Detox and Wellness Center. Start an unforgettable journey with our 15 years of experience and the healing atmosphere of Southeast Asia.

Located within the famous 5-star Akra Hotel, The LifeCo Akra Antalya Center offers its guests Europe’s best result oriented options of healthy nutrition and detox programs. Here you will feel renewed by a comprehensive set of therapies, a healthy nutrition plan and the ultimate soothing environment while your loved ones enjoy the city of Antalya. Ideal for business trips and family holidays, The LifeCo Akra Antalya could be your next stop for a refreshing and pleasant experience with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Why should you choose a Diabetes Recovery Program at The LifeCo?

Choosing Diabetes Recovery Package at The LifeCo

When you arrive at the center, you will be greeted by our professional medical staff including our Doctor and detox program coordinators. You will have your measurements taken and you will be given an orientation of the center to see the additional therapies you can benefit from. Every day your program will be closely followed by our experts and you will be provided with your meal plan right on time, wherever you are, our staff will find you to make sure you get your nutrition on time.

No-Chewing is essential

Our brain consumes around 25% of our daily energy but around 30% is already spent on digestion, producing the necessary enzymes and eliminating the toxins through blood circulation and ultimately through the bowels. When we take a time-out on digestion and consume no solid foods, the body can use this extra energy to start cleaning and renovating itself. The cleansing starts from the blood and liver. After completing your program, you will have a healthier body inside and out.

Join anytime that suits you

The LifeCo Detox Programs can be attended at any time during the year. Minimum 4 days are recommended but we have had guests staying for up to 30 days for our programs. During the detox retreat, there may be guest experts in our centers and you are welcome to attend their workshops or lectures. Based on the availability you may change between different kind of detox programs as well. This can be decided by yourself based on directions provided by our detox experts. The first couple of days of the cleanse can be tough, because your body can resist the change in various ways but after this threshold is passed you will start feeling the real change!

Result Oriented Approach of The LifeCo

The LifeCo offer its guests the most result oriented detox programs in Europe. Since its opening in 2005, The LifeCo centers practice holistic medicine, detox diets, weight loss programs to help you achieve your ideal weight. Wellness programs in various areas to support your body, mind and spirit. Join one of our programs and experience true well-being in Europe.

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