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Learn how to access the present moment and connect with your inner power and freedom with a mental wellness retreat. This is the source of lasting happiness. All of our centers offer professional yoga and meditation sessions in addition to one on one expert sessions.

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Food at TheLifeCo

Food at TheLifeCo

We offer a variety of food prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients in our healthy nutrition programs. These plant-based programs are created for your personal needs and help you continue your practice long after your stay. Food in our programs does not only are the meals improve your health, but they are also delicious!
Join one of our detox programs to get rid of physical and mental toxic load. Developed with specialists, each detox program at TheLifeCo will be personalized for your needs. Our Master Cleanse program was awarded the Best Detox Programme of 2018 at World Spa Awards.
Therapies we offer bring vital substances your body requires. Ozone, Vitamin C, Glutation and many other therapies are available at our centers. Spa treatments we offer include relaxing and healing massages, slimming therapies, beauty services with anti-aging effects and more!

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Our philosophy centers around the body’s natural healing ability under the right conditions. All of the health retreats and treatment programs we offer focus on healing various chronic conditions with a medically supervised approach.
To prevent viruses and infectious diseases, the necessity of boosting our immune system has become vital. Our medical consultants have developed therapies and programs to boost your immunity. Increase your body’s resistance at TheLifeCo centers.
Our medical team of doctors with expertise provides medical supervision to our guests with a holistic approach. Our program coordinators with experience from years of practice and research are ready to guide you at TheLifeCo centers.
A health retreat at TheLifeCo can be life-changing. It provides you with time for yourself and prepares you to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Away from your daily routine, reconnect with your body, mind and soul to improve your overall health. Our medical professionals and skilled program coordinators will be at your side. With a holistic approach, we combine detox and healthy nutrition programs, healing therapies, yoga and meditation in a soothing environment.

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Stay Safe & Healthy at TheLifeCo

The health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. Therefore, we would like to share with you the precautions we have taken against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) on our detox centers.

This course is designed to bring you the essentials of healthy nutrition and holistic living from the experts of TheLifeCo Wellbeing. Start learning the core elements of good nutrition, improving your eating habits and optimizing the way you live.